Best CBD Kief – Potent Hemp Flower Concentrates

You've certainly noticed the fine, earth-colored dust that gathers in the lower chamber, this is frequently known as CBD kief. You can see it if you have ever broken up your CBD-rich hemp flower in a three-part mixer. 

You could be acquainted enough with the kief, and that it's a few of the hemp flower's most highly focused parts. But how would you make use of Kief?

It seems like an uncommon aspect of the hemp flower, CBD-rich kief, although it is definitely pretty flexible and helpful; and that's because even hemp flower companies know to not waste this stuff, and will therefore sell it alone or merge it with other hemp flower products instead. 

Kief could become a hot component over the next year because more hemp flower items are becoming more accessible, so it is great to know the most high quality products. Following is our review of some of the top products in 2020 for CBD Kief.

The Best Brands of CBD Kief

BlackTie CBD Kief

CBD Kief – Black Tie CBD 

Black Tie CBD is a corporation that has established a great image not only for outstanding customer service, but also for delivering quality hemp flower and offers a stunning range of products for hemp flower, such as CBD shatters, CBG isolates, and Afghani hash. 

Black Tie estimates that in the terpene nerolidol, that can be woody or floral, their kief appears to be particularly high, so in these strains, it's much more so the latter, because you often receive rose and apple notes.

Nerolidol has both antibacterial properties. It may also have calming, sedative effects, as per this 2013 study which focuses on the hippocampuses of mice that consumed nerolidol. 

Begin with Black Tie CBD's Kief if you'd like to try a focus that is both accessible and affordable. But if you've attempted the hemp flower of Black Tie previously, we recommend trying it that much more, as they typically charge their kief in six strains. This include:

  • Apple Strudel
  • Orange Cookies
  • Mothership #2
  • BubbleGum
  • Bleu Cheese
  • Candyland

$15.99 for .035 oz

Total CBD: 28.66%

Beta-Myrcene: 1.07%

Alpha-Pinene: .20%

Beta-Caryophyllene: .15%.


Fern Vallery Farms

Fern Valley Farms' – CBD Kief 

Fern Valley Farms will provide you with both the epitome of value in terms to hemp flower suppliers, and that significance gets all the better with their kief, that is blonde, fluffy, but only $10 / gram, and the more you incorporate, the greater a deal it is: 2 grams is $17, half an ounce is $60, and one ounce is $110.

By crushing the hemp and shaking with a manufacturing grinder in an ultra-fine screen roller, Fern Valley Farms extracts their kief, and the hemp is rolled with dry ice, which also freezes the trichomes.  After that, the finest kief is sewn via the screen and is prepared for packaging. 

As their hemp flower procedure is complicated, Fern Valley Farms' employees keep its application easy and simple. Particularly recommend that you can either sprinkle this kief on a packed bowl or even in a loaded joint. 

To get good quality at an affordable price, this is the best place to go!

$10.00 for 1 gram

$17.00 for 2 grams

$60 for ½ oz

$110 for 1 oz

CBD Kief Nugs

CBD Kief from CBD Hemp Direct 

CBD Hemp Direct is yet another supplier which not only offers quality, but alternatives to boot! 

Presently, a few of the most common strains are available from CBD Hemp Direct: Juicy Fruit, Casino Cookies, and Honolulu Haze. 

Juicy Fruit is almost 17 percent the lowest in CBD, but as noted in this 2009 study, it is a delicious strain that is large in terpenes such as alpha-bisabolol, which is recognized for its anti-inflammatory effects. After that, Casino Cookies has always been on the sativa side, and has a 24 percent potency of CBD, and furthermore, it is large in alpha-bisabolol terpene, which is recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties. Besides that, Honolulu Haze provides 21 percent of the halfway level of CBD, and is sweet and rustic and a little musky with a fresh, grassy aftertaste, exposing a whole variety of flavors. 

Usually, CBD Hemp Direct identifies 1.5 g of their kief for $25, so each strain is available to buy for $20 at the time. In addition to that, you could get all three for $54 as a test, and this is still 1.5 g each!

$24.99 for 1.5 g

Juicy Fruit: 17% CBD

Casino Cookies: 24% CBD

Honolulu Haze: 21% CBD

try plain jane kief

CBD Moon Rocks from Plain Jane CBD 

Moon Rocks can take Kief to a next level of pleasure. Moon rocks are purely top-quality flower buds of hemp which have been encased before being rolled along in kief in a soggy, THC-free concentrate. 

Although Moon Rocks are in no means just a Plain Jane product, they certainly do it correctly; to the level that they include a total 45% CBD!

$19.99 for 3.5 grams

Total CBD: 44.9%

starseed kief

Hemp Pollen from Starseed Botanicals  

Starseed Botanicals' kief might not have been the least expensive on the page, but it still makes it a good bang for your dollar with its texture, flavor, and strain efficiency. 

Starseed Botanicals obtains their kief from either the classic strain Sour Space Candy, which will create this interstellar treat is cross-bred with Early Resin Berry and Sour Tsunami, as per the site. With notes of astringent fruit as well as sour diesel, this strain of hemp flower provides an odor that is genuinely out of this globe, and more flavorful with the kief. 

Enthusiasts of this CBD kief brand appear to absolutely adore it by filling off or “crowning” their bowls, often commenting in feedback on how a little pinch is enough to improve your encounter of the hemp flower completely. Hold an eye out again for their expected to sell-out hash as well!

$35 per gram

Total CBD: 28.56%


Shish CBD Kief Endoca 

CBD Shish Kief is a brand new and distinctive item from Endoca, an existing brand! This small 2-gram jar retains pure kief in powder form, also recognized as keif, keef, kif, or skuff, where you can find 140 mg of high-quality cannabidiol.

2 gram per jar

140 mg CBD for every 2 gram

GMP tested


Btown CBD – CBD Moon Rocks 

Whereas Mr. Hemp Flower reduces the speculation with their kief cigarettes for CBD fans, Btown CBD promotes customers of hemp flower to practice around with their moon rocks; apart from being used to enhance bowls or joints, they recommend that by assigning .5-1 g of CBD isolate, you can take the CBD encounter even further.

The foundation of such moon rocks is Special Sauce indoor strain, which seems to be the forerunner of its breeder, Oregon CBD, and has notes of sweetness as well as hops, leaving the mind feeling comfortable and prepared to be innovative. 

Before being dunked in CBD kief, the greatest of these nugs will be rolled in full-spectrum hemp oil, and the outcome of this phase is organic, packed with terpenes, and extraordinarily tasty moon rocks.

$24.99 for ⅛ oz

$49.99 for a ¼ oz

Total CBD: 30-40%

Hemp Flower Benefits 

The flowering bud that keeps growing from female hemp plants, strongly associated to the cannabis plant, is the hemp flower. 

As both hemp flower and cannabis have a related array of useful terpenes and phytocannabinoids, their greatest discerning distinction is that the psychoactive phytocannabinoid THC does not comprise enough of the hemp flower to get the person high.

Phytocannabinoids seem to be truly unique elements that have an interesting response to our bodies: phytocannabinoids access the endocannabinoid system when we breathe or ingest the hemp flower, that is an exciting moment of receptors known to adapt to mood, stress, appetite, pain, as well as sleep to preserve the functioning of the body. 

The endocannabinoid system does so by developing and deploying transmitters called cannabinoids.

This is essential since phytocannabinoids are, to put it bluntly, plant-derived cannabinoids, so they would be consumed and used to enhance operations when recognized in the body by the endocannabinoid system. 

But on the other side, terpenes are a sequence of organic compounds from plants and are thought to defend the flora from animal foraging. 

Terpenes appear to have distinct scents, which are what gives herbs such as hops, lavender, oregano, and hemp flower their scent.

Terpenes also may have their own advantages, and could be beneficial against anxiety and inflammation, and also killing bacteria, aside from sweet odors. 

Individuals have declared a huge amount of anecdotal evidence from chronic fatigue to diverticulitis, but the study is still in its infant stages for many examples. 

With that said, here are a few uses of hemp flower with a few of the fastest-growing studies.

Pain Relief as well as Anti-Inflammatory 

Acute and chronic discomfort is usually the most likely reason why individuals, particularly for inflammatory autoimmune conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis, are looking for hemp flower. 

This 2009 research alleged that CBD had a promising future in anti-inflammatory medicine, although this study found that by controlling cytokines, which are proteins known to signify inflammatory responses, hemp-derived CBD relieves pain. Despite rising empirical information, as components of their medicinal regimen, it is still suggested that users with diagnosed severe inflammatory conditions speak to a healthcare practitioner before seeking hemp flower. 

Relief of Stress 

There is a growing amount of proof that the flower of hemp can greatly lessen psychological stress. 

For example, one group of studies demonstrates that CBD has decreased symptoms of many anxieties and stress illnesses, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and social anxiety disorder (SAD).

In the meantime, CBD has shown up to relieve the pain of anxiety disorders in animal studies, as per studies conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. 

Aid for Sleep 

Hemp flower could also help to improve the quality of sleep, probably in accordance with its supposed calming properties. 

In a 2014 evaluation, it was noted that hemp flower-based CBD enhanced the efficiency of REM sleep in Parkinson's disease patients.

In the meantime, a 2017 study found that CBD can decrease REM behavioral disorder or RBD, and in recent times, a 2019 study concentrated on subjects with anxiety and poor sleep found that 79.2% of participants stated lower levels of anxiety and 66.7% reported good sleep after one month. 

And what is Kief? 

Frequently referred to as “keef” or “kif,” Kief appears like a slight dusting of powder or pollen, but in fact, it is a highly concentrated portion of the hemp flower.

Throughout the fuzzy coating of hemp flower trichomes, Kief is discovered, and though they may seem to have a powdery surface, they are clearly resins that are more like small particles, and then when hemp flower is placed in it, they appear to loosen and drop into the kief catcher in a three-part grinder. 

If you appreciate strains of hemp flowers which are rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, but would like to stay on a spending plan, because they are so heavily concentrated, kief can be a great alternative.

Kief is also not stuff that you can gather when trying to grind your hemp flower, but you can even buy it at a reasonable price from hemp flower retailers. 

Takeaway / Conclusion 

If you love concentrated types of hemp flower, and just want to get as much value for money, you may particularly appreciate the kief. Kief is affordable, easy to integrate, and provides ultra-concentrated levels of phytocannabinoids and terpenes. 

By dissolving hemp flowers in a three-part grinder, you can save your own Kief, but as hemp flowers are easily available, buying a kief online will get you more.

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