Best Cloning Gels For Weed: 2019 Reviews and Coupons

Using seeds to begin the growing process of cannabis takes longer, and can become a hassle. That’s why experienced growers use clones. It’s much quicker and easier! When it comes to cloning, it would be beneficial for you to make investments in cloning gels. Be sure to also check out the industries top LED grow lights and grow tents

These gels ensure the clones can recover after cutting which leads to the roots growing within a shorter span of time. You’re more likely to achieve successful growth, while also saving yourself a lot of time, hassle, and money.

Beginner’s Guide On How To Cut Roots

You’ll notice better growth in cannabis clones if the cut stems are provided with plenty of root growth hormones and carbohydrates. The following steps are useful for those who want to create their own cuttings.

Decrease the mother plants’ nitrogen levels for 3-4 days before you carry out the cuttings. If you are not growing your cannabis hydroponically, the easiest way to achieve this result is to use lots of water to mist the leaves.

Nitrogen needs to be reduced because it causes carbohydrates to rise, which is great for your cuttings. To ensure the highest possible concentration of root growth hormones, make the cuts near to the main stem of each plant.

When this process is complete, you’re going to need to have some essential tools handy to carry on. Grab sharp razor blades that have been sterilized using alcohol and the containers where rooting is going to take place. You’ll also need a substrate (E.g. rockwool) and of course, the cloning gel.

  •         Using new razor blades ensures that you can make the cleanest cut possible while minimizing any damage to the plants. It’s also crucial to wash your hands before making any cuts!
  •         As we mentioned above, you must sterilize the blades in alcohol. This reduces and chances of your close becoming diseased or infected.
  •         Make sure the rooting plugs have been moistened with water
  •         Drill holes in the rooting plugs for the cuttings to fit, but keep the half an inch at the bottom untouched.
  •         Keep your rooting gel nearby to apply onto the stems that have been cut.

Roots starting for cloninig

The thing we love about cloning gel is that it’s super easy to use. There’s no need to take specific measurements for formulas to get the solution correct. You simply apply the gel to the cuts and you’re good to go.

The gel works as a protective layer over the cuts. It also ensures that the growth hormones and nutrients are absorbed properly into the plant. This causes the roots to grow healthy and fast.

Place the cuttings into their growing spaces (could be containers or just soil). It’s important that they are kept moist over the beginning few days since they don’t have roots. Therefore, the cuttings will be taking in food and water from the leaves.

Keep misting the leaves regularly while also maintaining humidity levels anywhere between 80 and 90 percent. The pH rating of your soil is also something you need to take into consideration. If it’s acidic, your clones who are on their way to growing roots will be able to do so in a more suited environment. And acidic rating of 5.0-5.5 works great!

You don’t need to worry about lamps too much at this stage because the clones are unable to withstand an overload of light and heat. However, utilizing some fluorescent lamps work well to keep the soil just warm enough. If you’re using rooting cubes, simply put a light or small heating matt underneath to reach the same outcome. You can keep these lights and heat running for between 18 and 24 hours a day.

Once a week has passed, take out any of the clones that appear to be weak. Over the next 2-3 weeks, relocate the clones that are healthier and sprouting roots. As soon as any roots reach the length of 1- ½ inches, they’re ready to be moved into the area you’ve set up to be your growing space. All you need to do then is gradually increase the intensity of light over a period of time, and be patient. You’ll be on your way to growing your own cannabis.

The cloning gel during the cutting process of stems is absolutely critical. If you don’t use it, the amount of time roots take to grow increases and they’re also much more likely to fall prey to illnesses. Furthermore, cutting clones can cause them a lot of stress. Some of them are unable to handle it and eventually die if they aren’t protected by cloning gel. Cloning gels are reasonably priced, considering how much they really do for you.

The Top Cloning Gels For Cannabis Growth

A lot of the cloning gels available are multipurpose, in the sense that they can be used on a number of different plants. In fact, any plant that has the ability to multiply through cloning benefit from these gels.

The following list we’ve created contain, what we consider, to be the best cloning gels for superior cannabis growth. Read through these reviews to decide which cloning gel you think would best suit you!

Clonex Rooting Compound Gel Packets and Clone Kit

Clonex Clone Kit Review

Clonex is a brand of cloning gels that has gained the most popularity. Most weed growers know of it and use this product. Clonex has been in business for many years, and over its lifetime, it has managed to build an extraordinary reputation for itself. It’s considered to be one of the best cloning gels on the market.

This gel is full to the brim of everything your cut stems need to thrive. This includes vitamins, mineral nutrients, and growth hormones. Clonex have created this product to attach itself tightly to the stem to provide the best protection, while also feeding stems all of the vital ingredients they need to grow successfully.

Even though you’re only given 15ml, this is all you really need if you’re starting out with a few cuttings. Furthermore, you only need a little coating of this gel on each stem. But if you’re planning on a more expansive grow, there may be other options that suit your needs better.

HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel

HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel, 100 ml


This cloning gel will provide you with better value for your money if you’re wanting to clone a larger amount of plants. This product comes in a variety of bottle sizes that include 100ml, 500ml, and 1l! So growers with a high volume of plants will benefit the most from this gel.

This gel also has a long lifespan, meaning it can be kept for a while if you don’t use the entire bottle promptly.

Technaflora Rootech Gel for Plants


Technaflora is another one of the brands that has been able to build a great reputation for itself over the years. With this cloning gel in particular, you’re offered a variety of containers including different amount of gel. They start at 7g, and go up to 56g, 112g and 224g. It’s similar to Clonex since it’s water-based. If you need to increase the total volume of this gel without buying more, you can dilute it with water, and it will still be effective for cloning!

This gel has a high concentration of 1H-indole-3-butanoic acid. This is what allows you to dilute the product with water, and still achieve amazing results.

Grodan Rockwool / Stonewool Cubes (Mini Blocks) & ROOTECH Cloning Gel

Grodan A-OK 1"x1" Sheet of 50 Rockwool


This kit combines Grodan Rockwool rooting cubes with Rootech Cloning Gel to provide you with great value for money. With this kit, you are given 45 cubes, that are 1.5 inches big, as well as a good amount of cloning gel – 0.25 ounces per container.

Rockwool and stonewool are great components to use when it comes to growing seedlings and clones, however, they’re full of chemicals, so you need to be careful. If you are going to use this kit, we suggest that you wear a dust mask with gloves to prevent any of the fibers making their way into your skin and body. If this is an aspect that puts you off, we have more natural products to grow clones that you can use below.

General Hydroponics Rapid Rooter Replacement Plugs

General Hydroponics Rapid Rooter Replacement Plugs 50 count


These are among some of the cheaper options that you’ll come across on this list. These rooter plugs are full of nutrients and we’ve noticed that they seem to provide the best results for people who are growing their cannabis hydroponically.

Quick Clone Gel

Quick Clone Gel - 75mL


This cloning gel product offers you two sizes. You can either go for the 75ml, or the 250ml option. If you are growing at home on a smaller scale, we recommend that you save some cash and go with the 75ml. However, if you’re growing weed on a larger scale, the 250ml would be worth it.

Unlike some of the top brands in the market, Quick Clone doesn’t include one of the main active ingredients found in Rootech and Clonex gels. Alternatively, the creators of this product shoe more organic ingredients that have been brewed in tea. However, this rooting gel is still full of rooting hormones, amino acids, and vitamins to keep your clones growing quickly and healthily.

This is one of the better choices available for growers who want to use more natural growing components. However, this means you have to pay a slightly higher price for Quick Clone gel in comparison to other ones. But if the organic method is important to you, then it’ll be worth the extra money.

Technaflora Original Rootech Cloning Gel

Technaflora Rootech Cloning Gel

The formula that Technaflora have used to create this product makes it one of the most powerful cloning gels that you can currently buy on the market. It has a high concentration IBA at 55% and the manufacturing process ensures that you really do get the most out of this gel. The concentration of the main active ingredient is evenly dispensed and the cuttings of your stems are given the ultimate protection.

This product comes in a tub containing 112g. You can also draw out the use of this gel without spending any extra money by simply diluting it with water. It’s best to use this diluted solution on the stem cuttings that are growing the best.

Olivia’s Cloning Gel

Olivia's Solution OCG4 4-Ounce Olivia's Cloning Gel for Plants

As we mentioned earlier, when you cut roots with the blades, they can experience intense shock. This can either lead to them dying, or growing unhealthily and wasting your time and effort. Well Olivia’s Cloning Gel works wonders to prevent this shock from taking over to ensure your plants can grow rapidly and healthily.

This cloning gel is only available in one size of 2oz It’s easy and safe to use – Customers have also experienced high success rates with it!

RX Green Solutions Life Cloning Gel

Rx Green Solutions RXLFGL8 Cloning Gel, 8-Ounce

This cloning gel is another one of the better options for people who are looking to use more organic compounds during their grow. With this product, you are provided with a mixture of natural ingredients and rooting hormones to increase faster and higher quality growth. You can also use it in rooting cubes or even aeroponic machines.

Life Cloning Gel has also been found to produce more results 20% faster than many of the other main competitors on the market! Growers interested in natural growth over synthetic chemical materials can purchase this cloning gel in a 16oz bottle.

CloneTek Standalone Cloning Solution

This liquid from CloneTek has proven itself to be up to 50 times more effective in comparison to many of the other cloning products on the market. The company have also created this product to be a more natural choice for growers. It’s free from any toxic genes!

The solution has been made using only natural ingredients, but the brand has not let this hinder its efficiency. The ingredients include rooting hormones, amino acids, as well as vitamins and minerals. Customer can get their hands on this solution in bottles that contain 4oz. However, you’re also getting great value for money with this item because it can be combined with water to prolong its use.


Growers who are looking to achieve high grade weed know that it all begins with raising plants that are healthy. Cloning gels are a vital part in ensuring clones grow into healthy and strong plants. Hopefully you can put this guide to use and make the best investments for your cannabis harvest.

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