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Grow cabinets are like a beefed up version of a grow tent kit. They are made of either metal or wood cabinets, unlike grow tents which are typically made from nylon material. They are sturdy, all encompassing grow kits meant to be an all in one solution for growing indoors. They are great for beginners or experienced growers and some kits can be up and running within minutes of delivery. There are a couple big items to consider when looking at grow cabinet kits, those being:

  • Size– Very important. Everything looks big on the internet, make sure you take a close look at your purchase
  • Shipping Cost– These are large cabinets, and they can be heavy and bulky. Be sure to look at the shipping cost before making your purchase.
  • Yield amounts– Although this can be hard to determine before buying b/c growing strategies come into play, try to find yield amount estimates when possible.

Grow cabinets are typically a little more stealthy than grow tents hence the term “cabinet” in the name. Most of the time they are shaped like tall cabinets and are meant to hide in plain site. Although not all of them are smell proof, and even the ones that claim to be know it's nearly impossible to hide the smell of sweet ganja. They also tend to be a little more pricey due to their size and quality. If you are looking for more of a beginner tent that isn't as pricey, check out  Best Grow Box Kits For Beginners That Won't Break The Bank.

Top Hydroponic Grow Cabinets

Supercloset Superlocker 300watt Grow Box Cabinet Closet

Superlock Grow Cabinet Kit

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Quick Specs

  • 24 x 15 x 66 inches
  • 95 Pounds
  • 300 Watt Light system
  • Lockable, fireproof
  • $1,990.00

What This Package Comes With

  • 24 x 15 x 66 steel cabinet. Secure and lockable, fireproof
  • Fans
  • Filters
  • Nutrients
  • 300W ballast and bulb
  • 20W T-5 Bulb
  • Hydroponic grow bucket system

This is a sleek little grow cabinet great for beginners and pro's. Nice and thin so it works perfectly for putting inside a closet. You can grow 1-8 plants up to 3 feet tall in the main chamber, and still have room to harbor up to 10 clones in the top chamber (which is illuminated by a separate 20-Watt T-5 light).  Internal circulation and filters keep plants cool and easily managed. This is a top of the line unit and pretty much the best grow cabinet money can buy. High quality everything. If it's out of your price range, check out some cheaper options below.


HydroFarm Hydroponic Grow Cabinet


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Quick Specs

  • 3 Feet Tall
  • Lockable Latches
  • $639.98

What This Package Comes With:

  • Nutrients
  • 2 Full Spectrum Bulbs
  • 6 Plant Hydroponic Grow System with Pump and Oxygenator
  • 6 Net Pots
  • 6 Grow cubes
  • 2 Grow Bulbs
  • 2 Flower Bulbs
  • Lock and key style
  • Carbon filter in Exhaust
  • Deodorizer
  • Money Back Guarantee


This is a pretty sweet 3 foot tall grow cabinet for under $700. It comes fully stocked with everything you need to get growing and even has a lifetime warranty. If you are a low on funds and what to get going, I highly recommend this unit. However, it is a little on the small side and you won't be able to grow a ton of greens. If you are looking for a little more yield, check out some other options.


SuperCloset “Superlocker” Hydroponic Grow Cabinet

Superlocker 150watt Hydrponic Grow Box Cabinet

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Quick Specs

  • 66″x15″x24″
  • Grow 1-8 plants up to 3ft tall in the 8-Plant SuperPonics
  • 16-Gauge Steel, Secure, Lockable, Fireproof Fully Automated
  • $1,590.00

What This Package Comes With:

  • 12 Bandwidth Full Spectrum 3 Watt Kind LED Grow Light
  • T-5 Supplemental Side Lighting
  • SuperPonic 8 Hydroponic Grow System
  • High Output Fluorescent Lighting
  • SuperCloner 14-Site System
  • Eco Air 2-Port Air Pump
  • 132 Gallon Per Hour Water Pump
  • Adjustable Internal Circulation Fan
  • Industrial Grade Carbon Filter
  • Digital Thermometer / Hygrometer
  • TDS Meter
  • General Hydroponics pH Control Kit
  • Analog Single Timer
  • 6 Socket Industrial Power Strip
  • GFCI Shock Buster
  • Rock Wool Cubes
  • Clay Grow Rocks
  • Technaflora Recipe for Success Nutrient Bundle Starter Kit
  • SuperCloset Instructional DVD

Talk about a complete kit. One word for this cabinet. Badass. They even hook you up with a GFI circuit breaker in case of a powersurge, your equipment won't get fried. The price tag for this set up is actually extremely reasonable. All the parts and accessories are top of the line, like the Eco air pump, and the pH control kit. This setup fits great in closets or garages and is extremely durable and sturdy. You will not be unimpressed with this unit.

3.3 Foot Tall White Grow Cabinet With Carbon Filter

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Quick Specs

  • Powerful 300 Watt LED Grow Light
  • Great for first-time growerss
  • $550

This Package Comes With:

  • 2 Powerful fans for exhaust and 1 for fresh air intake.
  • Powerful 300 Watt LED Grow Light Good For Vegetative Growth and Flowering
  • 100% mylar lined – to maximize light output
  • Lockable ( not Included) – if you need extra security
  • Very user-friendly and great for first-time growers. Timer- makes setting light schedules simple and automated.
  • VERY minimum if any light emission – thanks to sealed front door and shaded rear vents with carbon filter to control unwanted odors.
  • Great for first-time growers.
  • Great for all types of growing.
  • Can be used for hydroponics or dirt.
  • Measurements 40″ Tall 15″ Wide 15″ Deep


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