Platinum Series P9-XML2 Review, Coupons and Specs

Since more and more people have been getting involved with growing cannabis, there have been huge leaps in the technology used to help plants flourish. Indoor growing in particular has been expanding tremendously. People used to have to keep plants in an area of their home where there was a lot of sunlight. They make a great addition to your grow tent, and are one of our favorite LED grow light options

Well, that’s no longer the case now. There are special grow lights which mimic real sunlight. There are a variety of lights available, including halogen and LEDs. These are the two that have advanced the most recently. The lumen output and light spectrums work differently. But now, the Platinum series of grow lights gives growers the chance to grow huge yields, without having to deal with hefty electric bill and heat problems.

The Best Features Of The Advanced Platinum P9-XML2 Grow Light

The technology included in the making of this grow light means that you can achieve optimal growth, regardless of the size of your growing space.

These LED light have the best par/lumen rating output per watt compared to most of the other items available. You are provided with up to 3x more intensity of light than other grow lights! There is an entire spectrum of light that covers 12 bands which includes ultraviolet rays via infrared. You also have a 38% higher output compared to the older versions of this light.

There are three options available to you to alter the kind of light you shine over your plants depending on what stage they’re at. There’s the vegging, flowering and boost stages. This means you don’t need to purchase different lights depending on the development of your plants. You have everything you need at the flick of a switch!

If you need to work in the same room that you’re growing in while the lights are on, you can switch on the white light to keep you protected. There’s an amazing 90/120 degree focusing lens system to provide you with the ultimate precision.

When you purchase this package, you can expect to receive 1000W of energy to replace your older HPS lights. Customers are also given a 5-year warranty and a 90-day satisfaction or return guarantee.

Usually, grow lights are limited to the amount of lumen they can output. This would be an issue for people who had large growing space as it means they’d need to find a way of creating more light (which often meant purchasing multiple grow lights). Furthermore, the more lights they had, the more heat was produced which can kill plants.

Older products may have only been able to provide plants with 40% of their overall light capabilities since the rest of their power would go towards the heat output and electrical consumption. The P9-XML2 can provide you with 100% of its total power. This grow light also proves itself to be incredibly efficient by using up half of the electricity while still giving your plants an insane amount of light power. The heat output is also a problem of the past when you use this light!

The creators behind this LED grow light wanted to give growers something that could create huge yields while also covering a large space. Just one light from this model can cover a grow space of 4×4. As we mentioned before, this item comes with a focusing lens system. This helps to keep the light force accurate as well as more intense. As a result, the canopies are penetrated better than anything we’ve seen before!

The P9-XML2 has a complete light spectrum that consists of 12 bands. The LEDs are able to produce high PAR due to top bin LED bulbs as well as the most intense drivers. The top bin LED simply mean that those particular bulbs have gone through further testing to ensure they are of the highest quality possible.

This makes the P9-XML2 model one of the best grow lights on the market right now.

Platinum Series P9-XML2 Quick Specs

  •         Best growing areas – 18”: 5 x5 feet for the veg stage and 18”: 4 x 4 feet for the core/blooming stages
  •         1000W output
  •         28”x 28” x 3” total size
  •         No hanging kit or power cord available
  •         Weight: 42 pounds


Those of you who find the idea of growing weed in larger yields while consuming less electricity appealing will fall in love with what the Platinum Series has done with this product. No matter your experience as a grower, you could be a beginner or an expert, these LED lights are the perfect choice.

Due to the intense power of the light emitting from the LED bulbs, you’ll notice that your plants respond within just days! This grow light is competitive in its market, especially when you consider just how great it really is.

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