Top Rated Inline Fans For Cannabis Grow Rooms: 2019 Reviews, Guides and Coupons

To successfully grow cannabis in a grow room or tent, inline fans are vital. You can grow more seasons each year, with higher quality, when growing indoors, as long as you have the right equipment. Growing indoors properly also means the outside conditions don’t affect your grow space.

Inline fans are there to prevent your cannabis from burning. Growing lights produce heat which burn plants if not dealt with properly. Having the correct ventilation system expels CO2 and balances the humidity levels. Using inline fans gives you less to worry about and keeps your cannabis growing healthily. Be sure to check out our hugely popular article on the Best LED Grow Lights for Cannabis while you're here. 

How Do You Pick The Correct Fan Size?

You need to figure out how large the size of your grow space is. An easy formula to use when picking the most suitable inline fan is this:

Length x width x height (feet) x 1.25 (125%)

The added 25% is there to provide you with a little extra room so things aren’t too tightly compacted. The number you have at the end of this equation is the amount of air that should be removed by the fan every single minute.

You also need to think about the type of lighting you’re using when determining which fan size to use. The more heat the light produces, the more heat there is to be dispersed. LEDs tend to create considerably less heat. But if you went with HID lights, you’d need a higher CFM fan due to a considerable amount of heat being produced.

So take a look at your growing space to help you decide which inline fan would be the best. We’ve compiled a list of the top inline fans to support cannabis growth in grow rooms and tents.

Top Inline Fans For Cannabis In Grow Rooms And Tents

Active Air Inline Fans

Active Air Inline Fans

This brand is known for producing high quality items. You can grab a variety fan sizes varying from one that are a great fit for a 130cf room with the 4” 154 CFM model. Or you could pick up a larger size fan at 12” 969” CFM to cover a maximum area of 775cf. Some of the other fan sizes they offer include:

  •         6” 400 CFM
  •         8” 720 CFM
  •         10” 760 CFM

You don’t have to worry about any rust or degrading with this model since there is a ceramic coating on all of the metal parts. The AC monitor it shielded thermally and avoids overheating.

You’ll hardly notice these inline fans as they are incredibly quiet. This brand incorporate UL-rated parts into their items to ensure the highest possible quality. The setup is also super easy!

Hurricane Inline Fans

Hurricane Inline Fans For Grow Rooms


This brand make their fans using components that have been UL rated to ensure they’re always efficient and run quietly. Rust usually grows in humid environments, but the coating around this fan prevents this.

You’ll be able to find the right fit for your growing space fairly easily as Hurricane offer 5 models, all varying in size.

  •         4’’ 171 CFM
  •         6’’ 435 CFM
  •         8’’ 745 CFM
  •         10’’ 780 CFM
  •         12’’ 1060 CFM

Installation is easy and the product includes mounting brackets. You’re also given a power cord of 8’ and 120V. This fan is most suited for growers who are aiming for the highest possible quality of the product they grow.

Vortex Powerfan VTX

Vortex Inline Fans

This is one of the best options available as far as excellent ventilation is concerned. The Vortex Powerfan VTX is coated in epoxy to prevent any build-up of rust. The aspect that stood out to us about this product is the gauge steel casing. It is used to drown out any noise which makes it one of the most silent inline fans on this list!

There are 5 sizes of offer to choose from including:

  •         4” 172 CFM
  •         6’’ 497 CFM
  •         8’’ 747 CFM
  •         10’’ 790 CFM
  •         12” 1140 CFM

These models have a lip features and an extended collar. You can also be sure that this inline fan in particular will last you a while due to the lubricated balanced monitor. You’re also provided with a 120V power cord as well as mounting brackets to make the installation process hassle-free. They even give you a 10-year warranty!

iPower GLFANXINLINE6 Inline Fans

Vortex Inline Fans

This is another one of the brands that we consider to be superior in terms of the quality of the items they manufacture. There are lubricated bearings which are there to stay forever which makes any maintenance work pretty much non-existent. iPower have also taken into consideration the noise and vibration that are usually associated with inline fans. They created this model to be quiet and limit its vibration.

There are 5 sizes to choose from including:

  •         4’’ 190 CFM
  •         6’’ 442 CFM
  •         8’’ 745 CFM
  •         10’’ 862 CFM
  •         12’’ 1060 CFM

We noticed that these fans are also lightweight, which makes setting them up even easier. This product comes with a 5ft power cord (UL rated). These fans will suit those of you who have ducting in long tracks.

Apollo Horticulture Inline Fan

Apollo Horticulture Inline Grow Fans

Apollo Horticulture inline fans are high quality, while also being a more realistic option for those on a budget. It’s covered in powder paint, with a durable steel coating underneath to prevent rusting. These fans were created to last.  However, this brand don’t offer as many options as the other fans on the list.

There are three models to choose from including:

  •         4” 190 CFM
  •         6’’ 440 CFM
  •         8’’ 740 CFM

With most fans you’ll need to buy a speed adjuster separately. This model has it built in for you! This provides you with the necessary control over every phase of growing. We recommend this item for growers who want a multipurpose inline fan.

Rule 240 In-Line Fan

Rule 240 Inline Fan

Don’t let the size of this fan fool you. Even though it’s small, it packs a punch! The airflow is powerful and efficient while also remaining surprisingly quiet. The fan is guarded from any moisture as it has a sealed motor shaft built into it. This model will also be able to fight off corrosion well as has been created with a nickel-plated casing.

As we mentioned this fan is small, but that means the installation to flat surfaces is easy. The fan can also fit into compact spaces. It’s only 4” with 12V, but there’s still an incredible amount of airflow being produced – 235 CFM to be precise. This is also one of the cheaper options you’ll find on this list. But it’s a fantastic choice for first-time growers who have small growing spaces.

VenTech VT Inline Duct Fan with Carbon Filters

VenTech Inline Grow Fans

These fans are built to be efficient and stable which comes down to an aerodynamic frame. VenTech have created this inline fan with a structure made from steel combined with a powder coated paint. This fan works great in growing spaces, but hospitals even use this model. That goes to who the kind of quality this product has going for it!

This particular model size is 6” 440 CFM. In comparison to other items we’ve discussed, this seems a little low. However, this product gives you more value for your money than you may be expecting. There’s a Virgin Charcoal Carbon filter which gets rid of any odd smells that can arise in growing spaces. This filter is usually a separate product to inline fans, but this brand build it in for you!

The fan is easy to install as it comes with a mount. We recommend this fan for people with slightly smaller spaces who still want to reach high standards in their cannabis.This brand also give customers a one year warranty.

Can Fan Max Mixed Flow Inline Fan

Can Fan Mixed Flow Inline Grow Fan

If you’re after one of the most efficient inline fans available, this is the one for you. Its compact and lightweight, which means an easy installation process, and lower electricity bills!

However, this product only comes in one size = 6” 334 CFM. Anyone with larger growing spaces wouldn’t find this product very effective. But it’s the perfect fan for those who have medium sized growing areas.

Customers are given a 5 year warranty

Can Fan Pro Series

Can Fan Inline Pro Series Fans

Can Fan models of fans have always proven themselves to be durable and efficient. But this pro model takes things up a notch. This product is more efficient than ever, while also remaining one of their quietest models! The Can Fan Pro Series are made with UL and CSA approved fiberglass reinforced plastic, which is where the item’s strength comes from.

There are three different models to choose from including:

  •         6’’ 420 CFM
  •         8’’ 863 CFM
  •         16’’ 2343 CFM

Each fan comes with a 120V power cord and have a variety of three speed settings.

The price for this item may be a little high for some people. But we think it’s totally worth it considering how efficient it is as well as the fact that you’re given speed options. We believe that in the long run, this model will save you money.

Yescom HO

Yescom Inline Grow Fan

This is one of the best options for new growers who aren’t looking to make huge investments just yet. Growers can use this fan quietly with an operation that stops any vibration. You’ll also be able to use this product for a long time due to the lubricated ball-bearings (which is a permanent solution).

The Yescom HO gives you three options to pick from including:

  •         4’’ 175 CFM
  •         6’’ 353 CFM
  •         8’’ 720 CFM

These models of inline fans give growers a little more freedom to mount the item vertical or horizontally due to the mounting set. There’s also a collar and extended lip which makes installation super simple and fast. All of the components Yescom used in this fan are certified by UL.

This is the fan we recommend for people who want a professional grade product, while still being able to save some cash!

Terrabloom Duct Fan

TerraBloom Duct Fan


This fan is pretty heavy duty, especially in comparison to many of the items we have on this list. However, this ensures that this product is highly effective at handling static pressure. The airflow in this fan is incredibly strong!

This fan comes in two sizes. 8” 507 CFM and 6” 317 CFM with 140W of power. The amount of airflow this product can create allows it to properly ventilate rooms that are a maximum of 10×10 feet. There’s a control knob on the front that allows for speed control over you growing plants. The maximum amount of temperature that this product can work to expel is 140F.

Customers are provided with a 9 foot power cord and mounting brackets to make the set-up simple. The fan is also covered with a 2 year warranty!

TerraBloom Inline Duct Fan

This model by TeraBloom comes in three different sizes including the following:

  •         4” 188 CFM
  •         6 “ 395 CFM
  •         8” 7735 CFM

It’s created from ABS plastic. The product has a speed controller built in which gives customers more value for their money. This item is one of the cheaper options you’ll find on this list and it’s recommended mostly for people who are beginners in growing cannabis who have small spaces.

The installation process is made to be super simple as the product is compact, lightweight, and comes with bracket openings on the front and back to make sure air is going in the right direction. Maintenance and cleaning is made easier due to the duct ends that can be removed.

This model has also proved to be effective at removing odours that usually arise in smaller growing areas and tents. It also expels any unnecessary moisture.


If you’re growing indoors, it’s imperative that you have an inline fan. Most of these items are easy to install as they will all come with specific instructions. Improve the quality of your cannabis plants by choosing one of the above options that fit your growing space the best.

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