VIPARSPECTRA 300 Watt LED Grow Light Review and Coupon

This LED grow light has proven itself to be an extremely popular item among cannabis growers. It is at the top of the list of the best-selling grow lights, so what makes it so special?
Growers who are new to having their own cannabis plants love this product. It is an LED light that is best suited to use on areas of 2 feet x 2 feet. Users have noticed that this particular grow light is able to penetrate the canopy better than many of the other products available on the market. The LEDs used in this light panel include 5W LEDs as well as infrared and ultraviolet lights to provide you with an entire spectrum of light options.

VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control Series 300 Watt LED Quick Specs

  • Best Suited For 2×2′ Growing Area

  • Won't Burn Plants

  • 300W output, 136W Usage

  • 60 LED lights, 5W each

  • 6 foot power cord

  • Hanging kit

The closer you begin to get to the end of the light spectrum, the harder it becomes to see from by the human eye. Therefore, when your VIPARSPECTRA 300W LED grow light is on, some of the LEDs may not look like they’re on. But that’s because you cannot see them. You should always avoid looking directly at the panel when it’s turned on. It’s advised that you use grow room glasses to protect your eyes. These glasses allow you to take a close look at your plants while the LED lights are still on. These lights also work best when used with indoor grow tents.

Full Spectrum Light Band

Why LEDs Are Great For Indoor Growth

One of the biggest benefits is that LEDs have a great power output but use up a smaller amount of electricity which helps you to save on some electricity bills. Purchasing extra fans to keep your grow space cool is not needed since LEDs produce a small amount of heat.
Using HPS and HID lights are a thing of the past. These lamps required ballasts to prevent lights from flickering and they also use up a ton of electricity and produce a lot of heat. They’re pretty much just more of a headache, but there’s no need to deal with them nowadays with products like this VIPARSPECTRA V300.

This item was made as an upgrade to the traditional 250W HPS and HID lights. The LED panel on this product operates at a cool temperature and it won’t burn your plants. This was often a problem with HPS and HID lights. Furthermore, you don’t even need a ballast and you don’t have to worry about the heat. Any heat that is produced is smothered by large fans as well as heat sinks. The V300 gives you an output of 300W while taking up just 136W of electricity.

More on The 300 Watt VivaSpectra Grow Light

The LED bulbs in this light panel are 5W each and they have been created by companies who have gained great reputations over the years. Bridgelux and Epileds are the ones who help VIPARSPECTRA make their products. They have ensured the LEDs are high enough and face down directly towards your grow space at a 90 degree angle.

Whenever you see lumens and PAR mentioned, keep in mind that PAR is the important one. Lumens are what the human eye can see, but you should not judge how good your light is by how bright it shines. There are certain lights that are not visible to the human eye. Therefore, PAR is the best way to measure the quality of your light. It gives you a better idea of the intensity and how large of an area is being covered.

VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control Series VT300 300W LED Grow Light
118.00 179.99

The V300 PAR was discovered by hanging the light panel 2 feet above the plant’s canopies. To achieve the best coverage for vegetation and flowering, this LED light would be suited for people with growing spaces of 2 x 2 feet. The light can cover an area of 3 x 3 feet, but the quality of your plants would be diminished. A successful flowering stage requires your plants to be exposed to a lot of light, so try not to overcrowd your tent with too many plants.

When you purchase a grow light from VIPARSPECTRA, you are offered a 30-day satisfaction guarantee as well as a 3-year warranty. Your LEDs on the V300 can last for up to 100,000 hours before they need to be replaced. That’s the equivalent to approximately 11 years, meaning you would most likely have moved on to upgraded products before ever having to replace this existing one.

Extra Information About The VIPARSPECTRA V300

The VIPARSPECTRA V300 LED grow light is 12.6” long x 7.9” wide x 3” thick and weight 5.6 pounds. You are provided with a 6-foot long power cord and a hanging kit. There are a total of 60 LED lights in this panel which are all 5W each.
The Shenzen Bailuo Technology Company, Ltd are big contributors towards helping VIPARSPECTRA make their plant growth products. They pride themselves on working with VIPARSPECTRA to be able to give growers the best quality plant growth.

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  1. This ufo120 light from Unitfarm is great for growing. I used one of these on my last grow and had a pretty decent yield. So I figured I’d get another one and see if I can get better results!

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